Bluestockings Cooperative: Issue Two Launch Events

To celebrate the release of Issue Two: Phantoms, Bloodletter partnered with Bluestockings Cooperative Bookstore to host a weekend of readings, lectures, performances, and screenings in New York City and online. As the last cooperatively owned and only explicitly feminist bookstore in the city, we could not imagine a better venue for our Issue Two contributors to explore their lived experiences of horror and the theoretical implications of the genre.

Issue Two In-Person Launch Event

Featuring readings and performances by Claire Orrange, Shelby Heitner, Buffy, Maxwell Van Cooper, Alex Nolos, and Tamsin Bloom.

Issue Two Virtual Launch Event

Featuring readings, lectures, and screenings by Kiera Johnson, Mo Fowler, Stephanie McCullough, Jennifer Trudrung, Linda Wojtowick, Christina Kelly Holmes, and Rah Gerg.

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