Taboos demand silence. The logic goes: If they aren’t spoken, they can’t be real. Of course, we know this isn’t true. Taboos are living, breathing, speaking things. But when they talk to us, we have learned not to talk back. In our silence, taboos are deafening.

The horror genre speaks to the unspeakable. By manifesting the taboo, horror engages us in dialogue with our deepest fears. Our trauma speaks, and we respond. Horror is a conversation. It offers catharsis, empathy, repair. Horror creates community.

Bloodletter is a feminist horror magazine showcasing personal and analytical perspectives on the horrific by women, non-binary, and trans writers. Bloodletter offers an exploratory space for writers to share their lived experiences of horror and the theoretical implications of the genre through fiction, non-fiction, film criticism, and poetry. A featured artist is selected to illustrate each issue of the biannual magazine, resulting in an unconventional multidisciplinary digital platform that offers new and vital perspectives on the horror genre.

Ariel McCleese, Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

Anna Laura Falvey, Associate Editor,

Halee Bernard, Director of Community Development,

Viva Wittman, Development Associate,

Nicole Jaffe, Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Rialin José, Featured Artist of Issue Two: Phantoms

Bloodletter is a proud member of The Field’s Fiscal Sponsorship for Social Justice Arts Practitioners Program. Your tax-deductible donation supports general operations, event programming, strategic growth, and fair compensation for the female, trans, and non-binary people that make Bloodletter possible. Thank you!