welcome to my home

Illustration for welcome to my home by Eva Recinos

Come on in! You’re going to love the new place. 

This is the living room—I know it looks a little empty right now, but I just got my modular sofa delivered and it’s super easy to rearrange. I love the look of it—can you believe those gorgeous hairpin legs? I’ve been trying to crawl into the space underneath. Every night, I get a little closer, especially when I finish a bottle of wine alone and my limbs feel really loose. The floor is always cool on my belly. I like to imagine that one day I’ll be able to fold myself into that gap and not come out for a few days. 

Anyway, this is the kitchen! I don’t spend a lot of time here, but I’ve got a hydroponic herb garden where I can bury little scraps of paper with my insecurities written on them. I can’t wait to see what grows. I bought an air fryer that’s also a toaster, and also a SAD lamp. I use the lamp when blotches of darkness cloud my vision. Sometimes it’s too late, and my eyelids get really heavy and the room feels like it’s tilting, but usually I catch it in time. 

I didn’t want a huge kitchen space! And luckily, the pantry has really deep shelves. The other day, I tried to squeeze myself between two of them, but there wasn’t enough room between the canned tuna and my emergency water. It’s a shame because it was so nice in there—so cool and quiet. It would be a great place to shed my skin. 

This is the bathroom! I built a pillow fort underneath the floor tiles for when the world feels too loud. There are snacks and a small light, in case I need them. Sorry the tub is full of bathwater, I never like what I see when the water drains. 

I bought one of those high-tech toothbrushes that’s also a water flosser, and also a lie detector. I use it while I talk to myself in the mirror at three o’clock in the morning. You know how some days there are so many questions swirling around in your brain that your ears start buzzing? And then you swear someone is calling your name, in a really small voice, but there’s only you and the condensation on the mirror?  

Come see the bedroom! It’s not complete yet, but it feels cozy. When the sun comes through the right way, I like to sit near the window and talk to the flurries of dust in the air. They are such good listeners, even though they disappear at night. I ordered this rug online and it’s made out of recycled materials. It’s so soft! It cost like $400, but I know I’m helping the environment. Whenever I wake up to the ceiling closing in on me, I throw myself on the floor and grip the rug’s fibers so that I can tether my body to the room. 

I haven’t finished decorating the place just yet, but I’m getting there. Oh, you’re leaving? Can’t you stay a little longer? There’s a guest bedroom whenever you want to sleep over. I’m still decorating it, but I’m thinking something yellow for the walls—maybe a floral wallpaper? 

I can’t wait for you to visit again soon! 

Eva Recinos is an arts and culture journalist and creative non-fiction writer based in Los Angeles. Her reviews, features, and profiles have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, KCET, The Guardian, Hyperallergic, Art21, Aperture, Poets & Writers Magazine, The Creative Independent and more. Her essays have appeared in Refinery29, PANK, Blood Orange Review, Air/Light, Electric Literature and more. She was a 2021 finalist in the PEN America Emerging Voices Fellowship and a 2023 Tin House Winter Workshop attendee.

Instagram: evaiswriting